Kavik-AXYS: Local Ownership, Environmental Services, Proactive Consultation

Corporate Overview

Established in 2001 as a joint-venture with AXYS Environmental Consulting, Kavik-AXYS is a multi-disciplinary environmental consultancy. We are recognized as one of the leading environmental impact assessment and protection planning companies in Canada, with expertise in study design, regulatory framework, field data collection, public consultation, analysis, data interpretation and reporting.

AXYS first established an office and analytical laboratory in Inuvik in 1975. Through this partnership, the Kavik-AXYS team provides services for the oil and gas industry, mining, transportation corridors, communication networks, First Nations, parks and recreation, and regulatory agencies. We also are active in areas such as community development, environmental education, traditional knowledge studies and marine protected areas.

Canada's northern communities are experiencing an increase in economic development. This increase has been stimulated in part by recent oil and gas, and mining development projects. The interest in the north has also given rise to traditional use outdoor recreational opportunities and eco-tourism initiatives.

Kavik-AXYS provides our clients with a northern advantage, ensuring that local knowledge and business opportunity are realized. We offer clients a wide range of consulting services that are particular to Canada's northern environments and communities.

Kavik-AXYS is a registered Inuvialuit business, based in Inuvik, NT. We are one of only four environmental consulting firms on the approved list of Inuvialuit companies. As such, Kavik-AXYS is permitted to operate within the Inuvialuit Settlement Region, and to access any specialist needs and services it requires.Back to top

Contact us for more information about northern development activities:

Inuvik, NT

Michael Fabijan
Kavik-AXYS Inc.

Sidney, BC

Nick Poushinsky
Northern and Offshore Development Business Unit Leader

Kavik-AXYS is part of the Kavik Group of Companies which includes:

Kavik-AXYS Inc.
Environmental consulting

Kavik Nuna Inc.
Engineering and surveying

Kavik Baker Hughes JV
Oilfield servicing

Kavik EMS NWT Ltd.
Camp medic services

Kavik Holdings Ltd.
Business and management consulting and equipment leasing

Kavik ECS
Drug and alcohol testing

Office:  PO Box 2320 • Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada • X0E 0T0 • Phone: 867-777-4548 • Fax: 867-777-4925