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Experience Overview


Photo of pingos on the horizonKavik-AXYS personnel have been providing environmental solutions to development issues in the Mackenzie Delta, Mackenzie Valley and Beaufort Sea, the eastern and high Arctic, as well as other areas of the Northwest Territories, the Yukon and Alaska for almost 30 years.

We have developed unmatched northern capacity in a wide range of development projects including:

  • onshore and offshore oil and gas developments
  • mining
  • tourism
  • terrestrial and aquatic environmental studies
  • archaeological and heritage resources investigations
  • traditional knowledge and land use studies
  • community involvement and public consultation programs

Past studies and assessments have addressed a wide range of subject areas including:

  • physical oceanography
  • chemical oceanography
  • ice dynamics
  • artificial island stability
  • longshore transport and coastal processes
  • marine biota including benthos, fish, marine mammals, and marine birds
  • terrestrial biota including vegetation, birds and mammals
  • resource use including traditional harvest studies
  • archaeological and traditional land use studies

Photo of a crew laying a pipeline in winterProjects have included:

  • baseline studies and environmental assessments for the majority of the onshore and offshore oil and gas developments in the Mackenzie Delta (e.g., Iserk, Kulluk)
  • research, assessment and long-term monitoring of oil spill effects and cleanup
  • environmental sensitivity mapping for the entire Mackenzie Delta, Beaufort Sea and Amundsen Gulf region
  • facilitation and advice for the Wildlife Management Advisory Council and the Inuvialuit Settlement Region (ISR) Community Conservation Plans
  • coordination and facilitation of the workshops for the 10-year Mackenzie Environmental Monitoring Program, Beaufort Environmental Monitoring Program, and Beaufort Region Environmental Assessment and Monitoring Program
  • development of a regional cumulative effects assessment and management framework for the Northwest Territories
  • work on diamond and metal mines, hydroelectric, highway and land use planning

Photo of animal tracks through the snowOver the past decades, Kavik-AXYS has completed a number of projects in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region for the Environmental Impact Review Board (EIRB) and private industry. Of interest to the environmental assessment process, a cumulative effects assessment framework was developed by Kavik-AXYS for the EIRB. A training program on cumulative impact assessments was also delivered to the EIRB. A report on developing regional thresholds for wildlife was also prepared for the Wildlife Management Advisory Board.

Sample Projects

Deep Water Lake Management Plan

Mackenzie Gas Project

Alaska Gas Project

Ikhil Pipeline Slope Stability Study

Proposed Beaufort Sea Marine Protected Area Socio-economic Assessment

Data Gap Analysis related to the development and transportation of gas from the western Arctic

Beaufort Sea Offshore Drilling Regulatory Review and Environmental Impact Assessment

Photographic Database

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