Kavik-AXYS: Local Ownership, Environmental Services, Proactive Consultation

Selected Projects

Mackenzie Gas Project

EIA for the Mackenzie Gas Project, a proposed 1300-kilometre natural gas pipeline system along the Mackenzie Valley of Canada's Northwest Territories to connect northern onshore gas fields with North American markets.

Studies include spring and fall waterfowl surveys, and detailed wildlife and vegetation surveys and mapping. Kavik-AXYS also provides technical coordination on this project including community consultation, filing of screening submissions and research permit applications, and regulatory liaison.

Beaufort Sea Exploration Drilling Program

Devon Canada Corporation

EIA for Devon's proposal to drill offshore wells in the Beaufort Sea, including input into the project description, designing and conducting relevant environmental research to support the application, and final preparation of the Comprehensive Study Report and other relevant regulatory applications.

Mackenzie Delta Onshore Drilling Program

Chevron Canada Resources

Project description for submission to the Environmental Impact Screening Committee (EISC) in support of a proposed winter onshore drilling program in the Mackenzie Delta. Submission includes an overview of environmental conditions, mitigation plans, reclamation and emergency response plans, and cumulative effects.

Diavik Diamonds Project

Diavik Diamond Mines Inc.

Wildlife assessment and terrestrial cumulative effects assessment for the Diavik Diamonds Project, a diamond mine located in Lac de Gras, roughly 300 kilometres northeast of Yellowknife, expected to produce approximately 107 million carats of diamonds over its life span.

As part of the project, Kavik-AXYS provided an expert witness for caribou energetics at the DIAND technical sessions in support of the Diavik Diamonds Project Comprehensive Study.

Doris North Project

Department of Sustainable Development, Government of Nunavut

Review of the Draft Environmental Impact Study (EIS) and supporting study documents for a proposed underground gold mine on Inuit owned land, to provide an assessment of the adequacy of the work, with recommendations for an intervention at the Nunavut Impact Review Board hearing on the Draft EIS.

Cumulative Effects Guidelines

Environmental Impact Screening Committee (EISC) and the Environmental Impact Review Board (EIRB)

Assistance to the EISC and the EIRB in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region in developing guidelines for the consideration of cumulative effects, to facilitate the review of project applications. Three publications were developed as a result of this work:

  1. Cumulative Effects Assessment in Project Applications in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region: Current and Potential Capability (PDF, 652 KB)
  2. Cumulative Effects Assessment in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region: A Guide for Reviewers (PDF, 494 KB)
  3. Cumulative Effects Assessment in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region: A Guide for Proponents (PDF, 592 KB)

Inuvialuit Harvest Study

The Joint Secretariat - Inuvialuit Renewable Resource Committees

Coordination of the Inuvialuit Harvest Study for the Joint Secretariat in Inuvik, NT from 1987 to 1996, which involved the management and coordination of all aspects of the study including preparation of the annual Inuvialuit Harvest Study Data Report and a 10-year summary report on the methods and data of the study.Back to top

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