Kavik-AXYS: Local Ownership, Environmental Services, Proactive Consultation

Key Strengths

Northern Research and Development

Kavik-AXYS provides our clients with a northern advantage by providing opportunities to integrate local knowledge with business opportunities and environmental best practices.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Field worker collects data in the snowThe delivery of EIAs is a cornerstone of our community services. Assessments are tailored to meet regulatory requirements while also focusing only on the primary issues of concern. Kavik-AXYS offers a full suite of EIA services, including advanced technical capability, skilled project management, public and government consultation, and continued support during public hearings and review.

Cumulative Effects Assessment

We are at the forefront of CEA practice with the development of new and innovative approaches to assessing cumulative effects. Kavik-AXYS has developed and evolved advanced analytical tools and approaches to produce comprehensive assessments that deliver the appropriate level of information to government regulators and the public.

Terrestrial Services

Our biologists have extensive expertise with species-specific life histories and habitat requirements, as well as broader concepts of conservation biology and sustainability. In addition, they regularly employ a suite of state-of-the-art modeling techniques for evaluating habitat suitability and effectiveness, habitat connectivity and biodiversity.

With comprehensive experience in native vegetation, community classification and mapping, impact assessment, rare plant identification, weed management, and revegetation planning, we are leaders in assessment methodologies for rare plants. Our botanists have developed practical mitigation strategies for minimizing project impacts to plants of nutritional and medicinal value. We work closely with local residents to identify important vegetation communities, and to integrate local knowledge with western science.

Photo of a group board meeting.Public Participation

Kavik-AXYS staff have considerable training and diverse experience in planning, coordinating and facilitating numerous participation programs for a range of development projects. We also have senior specialists in the development and negotiation of benefit agreements.


Training is viewed by Kavik-AXYS as a facilitated exchange of knowledge to improve our client's capabilities or the public's understanding of issues and accepted practices. Training can supplement internal development programs or provide the beginnings for such initiatives.Back to top

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